Professional Trade and Transport agent on the territory of Ukraine

The enterprise East West Logistic has experience more than 15 years in the market of Ukraine

Our enterprise offers full range of services in the market of international economic activity to Ukrainian enterprises and foreign partners

How to sell commodities in the market of Ukraine? How to buy commodities in Ukraine safety?

Export and import of goods from Ukraine
Selling Ukrainian productions in the foreign market, we met with the need to have reliable partner in the country, from which the trade is carried out. There was an acute need for a representative, who is honest, professional, possesses item of information about the domestic market, in whom you might repose trust, who can accomplish simple technological functions involving the purchase of goods, its packaging, assortment, customs clearance.
"Then we decided, that our enterprise profits, it should satisfy all the described requirements: to be competent, to guaranty the safekeeping of the commodities, to have good recommendations, to be guided by the market to provide the best solution.
Our services may be useful to the enterprises, which are interested in the searching of the commodities of a certain quality; to the enterprises, which claim for safety transactions in the difficult conditions of Ukraine, control of the fulfillment of obligations on the part of the producer or supplier, as well as selling of the commodities on the shelves of the supermarkets in Ukraine.

Draw the line it can be determined by the one term - international economic activity consulting

Our experience in Ukraine market present additional posibility to our client
serv1 Trading agent. Services of the searching of the producer or commodity in compliance with certain requirements.
serv2 Assistance in sales of products in the market of Ukraine. The analysis of the market, searching of the intending purchaser, negotiations with distributing facilities of Ukraine concerning the sales of products.
serv3 Provide enterprise for export and import activity
serv4 Transport and warehouse logistics. We provide services of the transportation of commodity, optimization of the logistics, taking into account the inner specificity, warehousing services - storage, transshipment, marking under applicable laws of Ukraine.
serv5 Financial services in the territory of Ukraine We secure financing, tax optimization in the legislative environment, the purchase of goods in Ukraine for proprietory funds (CPT, CIP, FCA) and export with subsequent refund (VAT).
serv6 Representative services - you always have a handle on the situation and is knowledgeable about correct information, immediate response to your requests. Marketing, legal, accounting services of your activities.
serv7 Tranquility and security - we will secure the safety of your transaction on the territory of Ukraine, will control the purchase, will see about the shipment and the quality of the commodity.

We are at your disposal. We offer opportunities in the market of Ukraine.

We search commercial agents in the countries of the European Union for the sell of the productions of the Ukrainian origin to the European market.

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